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Dartfish TeamPro

Dartfish TeamPro provides the same analysis functionality as Prosuite, but adds the powerful tagging module which enables users to collect and analyse statistical data in the form of events from team games.
Key features
Record videos on your computer Record videos on your computer
  • Transfer videos to your computer from a video camera, VCR, DVD player or television
  • Play back videos on your computer screen
  • Share files across a number of video formats (DV, analogue, and MPEG-2)


Modify the user-interface Modify the user-interface
  • Define your own screen layout for capturing the action of the game
  • Use standard screen templates for particular sports
  • Run video clips of either fixed or variable length


Capture individual match events Capture individual match events
  • Annotate the events of the game as you record or play back your video
  • Replay particular sections of a game with no interruption to recording


Locate and replay particular events Locate and replay particular events
  • Select events from one or more games using simple queries or multi-criteria searches
  • Instantly replay clips just by clicking the mouse
  • Create your own playback lists


Tactical analysis Tactical analysis
  • Draw "freehand", adding lines and curves straight to the video
  • Measure angles, distance and speed
  • Use multiple stopwatches
  • Track objects automatically


Technical analysis Technical analysis
  • Compare video clips in split-screen or overlay mode
  • View videos in zoom, close-up, slow-motion, or frame-by-frame mode
  • Analyse a player's movement in detail
  • Superimpose one athlete's actions onto another's


Statistical analysis Statistical analysis
  • Retrieve statistics by match or by season, and select them using your own search criteria
  • Export statistics to Microsoft Excel


Transfer your video analysis to other media formats Transfer your video analysis to other media formats
  • Develop themed video compilations
  • Create presentations including analyses, audio commentaries and drawings
  • Export your personalized content to CDs, cassettes, the Internet and e-mail
  • Use the interactive storage facility


Dartfish TeamPro 7 -  Outright Purchase or Annual Rental Options Available - Please call us or request a quotation by email.

Find out more about Dartfish EasyTag Software - Tag events using a handheld device and import tags into TeamPro or
Connect Plus software for detailed analysis.

Education & Multiple licence pricing available on request

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